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38) Sowing groups of seeds at fixed distances

In this tip: Introduction For sale (on the market) A)# Shift fall tray with 3 “special” fall tubes B)# Nylon cord with distance marks C)# Sowing D)# Making . Introduction When you want to sow individual plants in a row at … Continue reading

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37) Sowing small seeds individually with fixed distances

In this tip: Introduction A)# Sowing dry seeds B)# Sowing germinated seeds C)# Sowing 1 or 2 seeds D)# Needed for sowing E)# Mixing small seeds with dry sand . Introduction Some vegetables (or flowers) have small seeds. Very often these seeds … Continue reading

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36) Sowing and growing leeks (various methods)

In this tip: Introduction Protection against the leaf miner fly A)# Jerry’s method: Sowing in a small tray, replanting into a plastic plant tray (or flower pots), planting leek plants with root ball in the garden soil. B)# Sowing in a big … Continue reading

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34) Sowing leek or summer carrots using a sink mat and a “shift fall tray”

In this tip: A)# Sowing leek B)# Sowing summer carrots C)# Remarks . In this tip (tip 34) you can read how to use a sink mat and a “shift fall tray” when sowing leeks or summer carrots in a lowered … Continue reading

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18) Growing early leek

In this tip: Introduction Buying leek seeds (in the summer) Protection against the leaf miner fly The 4 methods Z)# Grow leek indoors in “shove trays” filled with sowing soil. A)# Jerry’s method. Sow indoors in a tray, replant in flower pots … Continue reading

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13) Solid greenhouse made of transparent corrugated plate

In this tip: Introduction A)# Greenhouse with (bamboo) sticks B)# Greenhouse with iron wire bows (hoops) and thick iron pens. . Introduction For growing early lettuce, summer carrots, leek etcetera you can use a greenhouse made of transparent corrugated plate. Also useful above late endive or … Continue reading

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4) Insects and diseases of plants

In this tip: A)# Onions B)# Leek C)# Potatoes D)# Cauliflower E)# Tomatoes F)# Witloof (Chicory) G)# Carrots . In this post you’ll find a description of some plant diseases and insects that I saw in my garden.  I added some photos.  Info from … Continue reading

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