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39) Flower pots with bean stakes (in a small garden)

When you have a big garden, you can put bean stakes in the garden soil. In a small garden there is not much fertile garden soil. Or in the garden there are many flagstones or paving stones. When you want to grow … Continue reading

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35) More tips about germinating beans

A)# Introduction At    tip 12) “Sowing beans on absorbing paper”     you can read how to grow bean plants indoors. You lay bean seeds in a tray on moist kitchen paper. On the tray there is a “lid” to prevent the paper … Continue reading

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32) Sowing beans in pots and planting in the garden later

Jantina, a Dutch lady, has put a comment at “Sjeftuintips” tip 12.  She writes that she sows bean seeds in coffee cups with potting soil. When bean plants are about 2 inch high, she pushes on the bottom of the cup and takes out the bean plants together … Continue reading

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12) Sowing beans on absorbing paper

In this tip: Introduction A)# Folding paper B)# Sowing beans in an ice cream box on kitchen paper C)# Small bean plants D)# Remarks E)# How fast germinating and growing F)# Putting in a big tray or in flower pots G)# Extra … Continue reading

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11) Robust tunnel for early green beans

In this tip: Introduction A)# Building the frame B)# Putting foil on C)# Using the tunnnel D)# At very warm weather E)# At heavy frost F)# Breaking down . Introduction You can sow first green bean seeds on absorbing paper in … Continue reading

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10) Beans in Sjef’s garden

In this tip: Z)# Growing beans at warm dry weather (new) A)# Plastic tunnel with green bean plants (for early harvest) B)# Bean plants in May C)# First beans harvested D)# Course: placing stakes (to prevent blowing down) E)# Stakes … Continue reading

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