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16) Tips about kohlrabi, cauliflower and broccoli

In this tip: A)# Sowing cabbage plants in the garden soil (in a small seedbed) B)# Growing kohlrabi C)# Growing cauliflower D)# Growing broccoli . Cabbage plants (cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, curly kale, Brussels sprouts) grow well outside in your garden at … Continue reading

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15) Storage tips for your harvest

Hello, You have found the most popular post of Sjefgardentips. Sjefgardentips is a site with more than 30 unique tips for your vegetable garden. When you are interested in more tips, go to the Home page. This post describes tips for storing the harvest from your … Continue reading

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14) Each week two heads of lettuce (two lettuce heads a week)

In this tip: Sowing lettuce at hot, dry (summer) weather (new) Short description with photos Why 2 heads of lettuce each week A)# December to March (winter months and early spring). Sow indoors. Plant out in the garden soil in … Continue reading

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13) Solid greenhouse made of transparent corrugated plate

In this tip: Introduction A)# Greenhouse with (bamboo) sticks B)# Greenhouse with iron wire bows (hoops) and thick iron pens. . Introduction For growing early lettuce, summer carrots, leek etcetera you can use a greenhouse made of transparent corrugated plate. Also useful above late endive or … Continue reading

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12) Sowing beans on absorbing paper

In this tip: Introduction A)# Folding paper B)# Sowing beans in an ice cream box on kitchen paper C)# Small bean plants D)# Remarks E)# How fast germinating and growing F)# Putting in a big tray or in flower pots G)# Extra … Continue reading

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11) Robust tunnel for early green beans

In this tip: Introduction A)# Building the frame B)# Putting foil on C)# Using the tunnnel D)# At very warm weather E)# At heavy frost F)# Breaking down . Introduction Growing early green beans under a tunnel: You can sow … Continue reading

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10) Beans in Sjef’s garden

In this tip: Z)# Growing beans at warm dry weather (new) A)# Plastic tunnel with green bean plants (for early harvest) B)# Bean plants in May C)# First beans harvested D)# Course: placing stakes (to prevent blowing down) E)# Stepladder … Continue reading

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