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This weblog has two versions (two languages). is the site that you’re visiting now. It is in English. is the site with the same gardening tips, in Dutch.


I wrote some articles in Wikihow about gardening.

Wiki-bean        Wiki-greenhouse     Wiki-strawberry       Wiki-pots    Wiki-sowing box


On you’ll find a lot of tips for gardening, especial on sandy soil. Each tip starts with photos followed by a description of the actions. All photos have been made by myself.

Please be free to use the tips, descriptions and photos or make a link. The more people who know these tips, the better.  Please mention on the site that info is coming from “sjefgardentips”.  URL is

If the text is not clear or confusing, please make a comment so I can improve the text. Thanks ahead.

On this page there is a list of gardening tips, each with a link to the corresponding tip.  With Backspace you will return to this page.

If you like to see all tips (one after another), go to the HOME page.


Gardening tips:

42) Gardening tools in a “deepened” compost bin

41) Replanting vegetables using 2 plastic tubes

40) Info on a seed package

39) Flower pots with bean stakes (in a small garden)

38) Sowing groups of seeds at fixed distances

37) Sowing small seeds individually with fixed distances

36) Growing leek plants in rolled up plastic tubes

35) More tips about germinating beans

34) Sowing leek or summer carrots using a sink mat and a “shift fall tray”

33) A sink mat and a “shift fall tray” as seed sowing aids

32) Sowing beans in pots and planting in the garden later

31) A “cabbage cage” to guard cabbage plants against butterflies

30) Root ball lifting flower pot

29) Growing plants from tiny seeds

28) Growing “winter cauliflower”

27) Growing endive

26) Strawberry offshoots (runners): use flower pots and bulb planter 

25) Plastic foil at the roof over peppers or tomatoes

24) Growing chicory (endive, witloof)

23) Protecting strawberries from birds (iron wire netting or birds net)

22) Sowing onions in a small furrow

21) Tillage tips (manure, spading, hoeing, weeding etc)

20) Early summer carrots (sowing indoors, growing outdoors)

19) Sowing cabbage plants on moist toilet paper

18) Growing early leek

17) Growing mung bean sprouts

16) Tips about kohlrabi, cauliflower and broccoli

15) Storage tips for your harvest

14) Each week two heads of lettuce

13) Solid greenhouse made of transparent currigated plate (for early lettuce, leek, endive etc)

12) Sowing beans on absorbing paper

11) Robust tunnel for early green beans (PVC tubes and plastic foil)

10) Beans in Sjef’s garden (tips about bean stakes, watering etc.)

9) Growing sweet peppers

 8) Growing tomatoes

7) Roof over sweet peppers or tomatoes

6) Sowing carrots in a small furrow

5) Planting onion sets in a small furrow

4) Insects and diseases of plants

3) “Sowing box” or “small seed shift tray”

2) Simple “tools”and tips

1) Simple compost container made of paving stones


At tip 2) Simple “tools” and tips,  these topics are described:

79. Planting big seed potatoes (for a big harvest)

78. Sowing in a (7 compartment) plastic dinner box

77. Lifting hook for watering plants (e.g. lettuce, endive)

76. Simple draining aid (kitchen use)

75. Mouse proof storage box

74. Water-saving watering can

73. Moist toilet paper in a margarine box to sow on

72. Flower pots with insect mesh netting

71. Snail fences

70. Placemat with sowing holes

69. Frame of wooden laths around a seedbed

68. Shove tray made of margarine boxes

67. Small white plastic cap with seeds

66. Sieving dry cow manure

65. Sieve and flower pot dish to “make liquid cow manure”

64. Nylon string with knots at fixed distances

63. Flower pot dish with a closable water drain

62. Weighing (vegetables) using a luggage scale

61. Pulverizing cow manure pellets using bricks or paving stone parts

60. Little volume spoon for small (vegetable) seeds

59. Connecting 2 pieces of electricity conduit (for a garden foil tunnel)

58. Water tubes as a sowing tool

57. Plastic flower pot for drying (latex) gloves

56. Watering plants using a plastic window box liner and hoses

55. Support for sweet pepper plants in a circular mortar bucket

54. Keeping straw beans free from the garden soil (tip of Wim)

53. Frame with insect gauze (tip of Wim)

52. Greenhouse made of corrugated plate, standing on 4 wooden pins (tip of Wim)

51. “Baskets” to protect plants, made of wire netting and thick iron wire (tip of Wim)

50. Thick string with marks at fixed distances (tip of Wim)

49. Fastening bean stakes using a wire tensioner (tip of Wim)

48. Bottles on sticks, ice cream sticks as nameplates, empty beakers to sow in (some tips of Liane)

47. Sieving (potting) soil throug a plastic flower pot

46. Strewing a thin layer of sand using a small flower pot

45. Pieces of curling cord to train stems of stake beans

44. Band of fabric to cover seeds right after sowing

43. Flower pot edge that can be opened

42. Planting potatoes using a bulb planter

41 Sprouting (chitting) potatoes in a cardboard egg box or in compost

40. Method to take a plant with a big root ball out of a flower pot

39. Aluminium foil behind indoor growing plants

38. Name plates made of aluminium Venetian blinds

37. Improved supports for small leak plants

36. Stakes with loops to train tandrils of stake beans

35. Little board for sowing at fixed distances

34. Making sowing furrows with a wooden rake

33. Useful storage of sachets of seed

32. Tool for hanging a hose over the edge of a water barrel

31. Planting with a bulb planter

30. Modified step ladder for picking stake beans

29. Board for flowerpots with small plants

28. Box for fruit and vegetable waste (kitchen and garden waste)

27. Sowing tips (general)

26. Grey rectangular plate to see germinating seeds

25. Small seeds (tray, crown cap, cocktail stick)

24. Crop rotation and garden plan in Excel

23. Bucket greenhouse

22. Simple “dark house” for chicory

21. Chicken-food (mixed cereals) used as a green manure

20. Feeding birds in a butterfly-bush

19. Tools in a compost vessel

18. Cut square flower pots from tray

17.  Simple support for “heavy” pepper branches

16. Bean slicing tools

15. “Plank bridge” for storage of onions

14. “Newspaper skirt” for storage of potatoes

13. Tips for a water vessel

12. Making liquid nettle manure

11. Fixing strips for guiding stake beans

10. Fixing strips for sweet peppers or tomatoes

9. Cabbage collars and fixing iron wire

8. Planting stick for leak or stakes

7. “Greenhouse” made of a margarine box and a transparent plastic mushroom box

6. Lath with marks at fixed distances

5. String with marks at fixed distances

4. Elastic band for sowing or planting in a straight line

3. Stepping board for loose soil

2. Board to make furrows (“furrow boards”)

1. “Greenhouse” made of 2 plastic margarine boxes


Hopefully these tips can help you.


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