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25) Plastic foil at the roof over peppers or tomatoes

New: In this tip, a clamp is used to keep a lath with rolled up plastic foil. In june 2015, a new model of clamp has been added to this tip. More about it at C)#. . When you live in a … Continue reading

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9) Growing sweet peppers

In this tip: Sowing date and storage A)# Sowing and germinating B)# Transplanting C)# Pepper plants, taking out of flower pots and putting in a compost layer D)# Plants outdoors, in the garden, planting out E)# In a mortar bucket E1) Support for … Continue reading

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7) Roof over sweet peppers or tomatoes

Dimensions: top of roof is 100 centimeters (3 ft  +  4 inch) above soil, corrugated plate of 66 centimeters (2 ft  + 2 inch) wide, curved to 52.5 centimeters (1 ft  + 9 inch). or Dimensions: top of roof is … Continue reading

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