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37) Sowing small seeds individually with fixed distances

In this tip: Introduction A)# Sowing dry seeds B)# Sowing germinated seeds C)# Sowing 1 or 2 seeds D)# Needed for sowing E)# Mixing small seeds with dry sand . Introduction Some vegetables (or flowers) have small seeds. Very often these seeds … Continue reading

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33) A sink mat and a “shift fall tray” as seed sowing aids

Very often seeds are sown directly into the garden soil. For some plants like summer carrots you have to sow in a row. For leek you sow in a small group or in a row. Leek plants are planted out … Continue reading

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32) Sowing beans in pots and planting in the garden later

Jantina, a Dutch lady, has put a comment at “Sjeftuintips” tip 12.  She writes that she sows bean seeds in coffee cups with potting soil. When bean plants are about 2 inch high, she pushes on the bottom of the cup and takes out the bean plants together … Continue reading

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30) Root ball lifting flower pot

You can sow seeds in a small flower pot. Some weeks later, plants can be put in a bigger pot or in the garden soil. Taking out the plants with the complete rootball is not easy. Taking out the plants goes … Continue reading

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29) Growing plants from tiny seeds

Some plants have tiny seeds. It is rather difficult to grow these plants indoors in a box, a flower pot or a tray. Particularly when only 1 plant should grow in the pot or box. You can strew a group … Continue reading

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3) “Sowing box” or “small seed shift tray”

In this tip: A)# Sowing box B)# Seed shift tray (seed slide tray) . For uniform sowing, you can use a tool like this, a “sowing box”. You can buy it in a shop for about €2.50. Or you can use … Continue reading

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