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Welcome to,     a weblog with many gardening tips. Recent new topics and additions: New photos of the garden on July 1, 2019 at   Sjef’s garden    . This blog contains many tips, photos and texts. You better choose a category and read tips … Continue reading

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28) Growing “winter cauliflower”

Introduction: In the mid of summer you can sow “winter cauliflower” in the garden. The plants resist some degrees of frost. When hard frost is expected, put each plant in a big plastic flower pot. During hard freezing weather put … Continue reading

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27) Growing endive

There are 2 ways of growing endive: Buy endive plants (in a garden shop) and put them in the garden soil. Sow endive in the garden soil. Both methods are described in this post. . A)# Procedure 1. Put endive … Continue reading

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26) Strawberry runners: use flower pots and bulb planter

 In this tip: A)# Growing a runner in a flower pot B)# Big grown runners in flower pots C)# Planting out (bottomless flower pot with cut side wall) D)# Planting out (general) E)# Strawberry plants at August 17 F)# Winter … Continue reading

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