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41) Replanting vegetables using 2 plastic tubes

Make a round planting hole in the garden soil. Trap a plant, take it out and replant it in the new planting hole. . In this tip: A)# Introduction B)# Replanting (tube with inner tube, design 2017) C)# Replanting (tube with … Continue reading

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31) A “cabbage cage” to guard cabbage plants against butterflies

In this tip: Introduction A)# Small cage B)# Big cage . Introduction During warm and sunny weather, cabbage white butterflies can visit your cabbage plants. Female butterflies lay their eggs underneath the leaves of the plants.  After some days to weeks there are caterpillars … Continue reading

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19) Sowing cabbage plants on toilet paper

   In this tip: A)# Necessaries and preparation B)# Sowing C)# Cover on margarine box D)# First plants visible E)# Planting in flower pots F)# Growing bigger in flower pots G)# Planting in the garden soil . You can sow cabbage … Continue reading

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16) Tips about kohlrabi, cauliflower and broccoli

In this tip: A)# Sowing cabbage plants in the garden soil (in a small seedbed) B)# Growing kohlrabi C)# Growing cauliflower D)# Growing broccoli . Cabbage plants (cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, curly kale, Brussels sprouts) grow well outside in your garden at … Continue reading

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