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22) Sowing onions in a small furrow

In this tip: Introduction In a furrow A)# Onion seed B)# Sowing in the garden soil or on moist toilet paper C)# Protection against cold weather, drying out and flushing away D)# Thinning out E)# Mulching . Introduction: You can … Continue reading

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20) Early summer carrots (sowing indoors, growing outdoors)

               In this tip: Introduction Procedure “planting mini carrots” Procedure “shoving soil” A)# My method, short description of “shoving soil” A1) New in 2017; shove tray of plastic margarine boxes B)# Filling a plastic tray with sowing soil C)# Making small sowing … Continue reading

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18) Growing early leek

In this tip: Introduction Buying leek seeds (in the summer) Protection against the leaf miner fly The 5 methods Z)# Grow leek indoors in “shove trays” filled with sowing soil. A)# Jerry’s method. Sow indoors in a tray, replant in small flower … Continue reading

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14) Each week two heads of lettuce (two lettuce heads a week)

In this tip: Sowing lettuce at hot, dry (summer) weather (new) Short description with photos Why 2 heads of lettuce each week A)# Sow indoors in December, January and February (winter months). Plant out in the garden soil in a tunnel greenhouse B)# … Continue reading

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