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42) Gardening tools in a “deepened” compost bin

Storage in a compost bin,

kussenkist 33

(or in a customized cushion storage box).

In this tip:

  • Introduction
  • A)# Needed
  • B)# Measuring height
  • C)# Making and building up
  • D) Use
  • E) Shoe laces and hang up your garden hose
  • F) To be examined
  • G)# Plastic outdoor cushion storage box (customised)

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41) Replanting vegetables using 2 plastic tubes

In this tip:

  • A)# Introduction
  • B)# Replanting (tube with inner tube, design 2017)
  • C)# Replanting (tube with hose)
  • D)# Making (wide tubes)
  • E)# Making (narrow, small, thin) tubes
  • F)# Final conclusion

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40) Info on a seed package

In the Dutch version of this tip, there is information about the text on Dutch seed package. It contains lot number, production year and best before date, or expiration date.

On the internet there is much info about seed package information “outside the Netherlands”. On that package there is often a “Packed for” year and a “Sell by” date.

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38) Sowing groups of seeds at fixed distances

In this tip:

  • Introduction
  • For sale (on the market)
  • A)# Shift fall tray with 3 “special” fall tubes
  • B)# Nylon cord with distance marks
  • C)# Sowing
  • D)# Making

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37) Sowing small seeds individually with fixed distances

In this tip:

  • Introduction
  • A)# Sowing dry seeds
  • B)# Sowing germinated seeds
  • C)# Sowing 1 or 2 seeds
  • D)# Needed for sowing
  • E)# Mixing small seeds with dry sand

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36) Sowing and growing leeks (various methods)

In this tip:

  • Introduction
  • Protection against the leaf miner fly
  • A)# Jerry’s method: Sowing in a small tray, replanting into a plastic plant tray (or flower pots), planting leek plants with root ball in the garden soil.
  • B)# Sowing in a big plastic flower pot with potting soil and sowing soil
  • C)# Diana’s method: sowing in a tray with soil, lifting all plants + roots + soil from the tray and planting the whole in the garden
  • Remarks about method A,B and C
  • D)# Sowing leek in garden soil or compost, replanting using plastic tubes
  • E)# Planting leek plants in the garden soil, 4 methods
  • F)# Planting leeks in big flower pots

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35) More tips about germinating beans

In this tip:

  • A)# Introduction
  • B)# Lid on the tray with germinating beans
  • C)# Germinating on a “warm apparatus”
  • D)# Germinating in garden soil, potting soil, masonry sand or on kitchen paper
  • E)# Bean seeds germinating in a layer of water
  • F)# Bean seeds in a freezer
  • G)# Bean seed with bad germination capacity
  • H)# Bean seed absorbs water too fast

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33) A sink mat and a “shift fall tray” as seed sowing aids

In this tip:

  • Introduction
  • A)# Sink mat (short description)
  • B)# Shift fall tray (short description)
  • C)# Test: Sowing on silica sand
  • D)# Making extra holes in the sink mat
  • E)# Sowing stick
  • F)# Shift fall tray, the materials
  • G)# Making the tray
  • H)# Making the plastic plate
  • I)# Making the fall tube
  • J)# Assembling
  • K)# Shift fall tray, other designs
  • L)# Remarks

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