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39) Flower pots with bean stakes (in a small garden)

When you have a big garden, you can put bean stakes in the garden soil. In a small garden there is not much fertile garden soil. Or in the garden there are many flagstones or paving stones. When you want to grow … Continue reading

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38) Sowing groups of seeds at fixed distances

Introduction When you want to sow individual plants in a row at fixed distances you can sow 3 or 4 seeds per sowing spot. When sowing a few seeds per spot, you will expect that at least one seed will germinate and one plant … Continue reading

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37) Sowing small seeds individually with fixed distances

In this tip: Introduction A)# Sowing dry seeds B)# Sowing germinated seeds C)# Sowing 1 or 2 seeds D)# Needed for sowing E)# Mixing small seeds with dry sand . Introduction Some vegetables (or flowers) have small seeds. Very often these seeds … Continue reading

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