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41) Replanting vegetables using 2 plastic tubes

Make a round planting hole in the garden soil. Trap a plant, take it out and replant it in the new planting hole. . In this tip: A)# Introduction B)# Replanting (tube with inner tube, design 2017) C)# Replanting (tube with … Continue reading

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40) Info on a seed package

In the Dutch version of this tip, there is information about the text on Dutch seed package. It contains lot number, production year and best before date, or expiration date. On the internet there is much info about seed package information “outside the Netherlands”. … Continue reading

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39) Flower pots with bean stakes (in a small garden)

When you have a big garden, you can put bean stakes in the garden soil. In a small garden there is not much fertile garden soil. Or in the garden there are many flagstones or paving stones. When you want to grow … Continue reading

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38) Sowing groups of seeds at fixed distances

Introduction When you want to sow individual plants in a row at fixed distances you can sow 3 or 4 seeds per sowing spot. When sowing a few seeds per spot, you will expect that at least one seed will germinate and one plant … Continue reading

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37) Sowing small seeds individually with fixed distances

In this tip: Introduction A)# Sowing dry seeds B)# Sowing germinated seeds C)# Sowing 1 or 2 seeds D)# Needed for sowing E)# Mixing small seeds with dry sand . Introduction Some vegetables (or flowers) have small seeds. Very often these seeds … Continue reading

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36) Sowing and growing leeks (various methods)

In this tip: Introduction Protection against the leaf miner fly A)# Jerry’s method: Sowing in a small tray, replanting into a plastic plant tray (or flower pots), planting leek plants with root ball in the garden soil. B)# Sowing in a big … Continue reading

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35) More tips about germinating beans

A)# Introduction At    tip 12) “Sowing beans on absorbing paper”     you can read how to grow bean plants indoors. You lay bean seeds in a tray on moist kitchen paper. On the tray there is a “lid” to prevent the paper … Continue reading

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