About Sjef

My name is Sjef (born in 1952).

I live in The Netherlands.

My hobby is gardening, vegetables and flowers.

I know many gardening tips and like to share them with others. And I come up with new ideas when I think that some procedure or tool can be simplified or improved.


9 thoughts on “About Sjef”

  1. Hello Sjef,

    Congratulations first on your new King and Queen Consort. While the incredible great Beatrix is now back to be a princess, your country and all of you deserve a reign as good and prosperous as her was. I am sure you will continue to live in a country to be proud of.

    Your blog is wonderful! I found it because I was looking for Witloof which I simply adore and lo and behold, you have an entire set of magnificent photos and clear instructions. It may sound pretentious but I was happy to see that I have been doing it right for…too many years but it is always good to check what other gardeners do within their gardens and yours is beautiful!

    Back to planting for me, I will visit often and many thanks for your efforts and your kindness by sharing what you know.


    1. Hello Allegra,
      Thanks for the complement.
      As you may notice, I first write tekst in the Dutch version (Sjeftuintips) and some days or weeks later this I copy this Dutch tekst in “Sjefgardentips”. And later I translate to English. And I add info to the Dutch version first.
      If you want to be up to date, read “Sjeftuintips” and do a Google translate or so.
      Succes with growing witloof and gardening.
      I see that the Dutch text about witloof contains now some more info than the English one.
      Greets, Sjef

  2. goede dag aan u Sjef,

    wat meer volkstuin ideeën – “open boek aanplant bedden”
    (Some more allotment ideas – “Open book planting beds”)

    You have a very good website with some clever ideas.

    My website also has ideas to make gardening easier using everyday recycled materials.



  3. Hello (Eugene)
    Thanks for your reaction (and for the complement).
    I visited your site. Very well done. Much good info.
    I’m searching for a way to use less water for my plants. Now, most of the water drops through the garden soil within a short time. And the plants get thirsty again.
    Your site can help.


  4. Cheers Sjef, I think we may be twins separated at birth… [joke] (our ideas are along the same lines)

    Holland is famous for sandy alluvial soils, which are extremely free draining… you water and it flows straight through!

    Next year I am going to experiment with 1 year old manure stuffed into my “woodchip sock mesh idea” and buried just beneath the deflector on my pallet dividers. As you water into the pallet divider it will flow into this tube / baffle, retaining moisture in the core of the bed as well as feeding the plant roots as well.


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