Welcome to      sjefgardentips.wordpress.com,     a weblog with many gardening tips.

This blog contains many tips, photos and texts. You better choose a category and read tips about it. For example beans or onions.

When I “invent” a tip, I describe the tip in the Dutch version (Sjeftuintips). Some days or weeks later I translate the tekst and add the tip to Sjefgardentips.

So when you want to read the latest tips or latest versions of Sjef’s tips, you better go to Sjeftuintips and “Google translate” the Dutch tekst into English.

See black menu bar (at top of the page):

  • When you click on  “Introduction and overview of gardening tips” you’ll find a list of all gardening tips (with links).
  • Info and photos about my garden are to be found at “Sjef’s garden”
  • About Sjef” shows a photo together with a short story about myself.
  • At “From where?”  you can read where tips are coming from or how I stroke upon an idea.
  • And at “New at this site” you see news and new topics in my site.

Some posts have been divided into “chapters”. Each chapter name starts with a letter followed by )#. Easy to find a chapter or to remind where you have read something interesting. For example tip 24 and E)#. This chapter describes cutting foliage and roots at chicory (witloof).

At tip 2) Simple tools and tips, each tool or tip has an order number.

At the end of each post or page there can be some comments. Do you have remarks or questions, click “Reply” and/or fill in the box with “Enter your comment here”.

Within a few days I have read your comment and I put it on “Sjefgardentips”, at the same post or page as where you put it. Under your reaction I put an answer or reference.  I don’t send you an e-mail.


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